Hi everybody and welcome back to ep2 of apfau (a penguin flying an unicorn.) If you haven’t read the first ep of apfau, THEN PLEASE DO MY CUPCAKES!!!! *smiley face.* In this blog I’m talking about the TOXIC magazine.

If you have read the Toxic magazine you know that it’s AWESOME and EPIC it is. What features in the Toxic magazine, I hear you ask? (Ok, I can’t actually hear you buuuuut you know what I mean.) It features a comic strip, latest video games, activities and Stampy. Oh sorry, did I say Stampy? I meant STAMPY!  Stampy has his page and tips and tricks!

If you did enjoy this ep2 of apfau, put some wonderful comments! I might not be blogging about apfau next time, but it sure will be a good blog!!!



March 4, 2016

On Wednesday we went to SkillZone in Gloucester for half a day. It was so enjoyable and I learnt a lot from not even a day. First we did a quiz about safety. Then we went to the custody suite where we went in a real cell. Also we went on a bus and learnt what to do if someone is bothering us.I think everyone had much fun.If  you have never been then I assure you someone who has been here will tell you to go.YOU HAVE TO GO!!!

Oh my, oh no! There’s a gigantosaurus behind you! #I came in like a wrecking ball# Made you look! (No I didn ‘t because dinosaurs died 65 mya, so yeah.) Why I mention the gigantosaurus? Well it’s to do with our poem for the speaking out competition.  Our poem is ********************************************************************************************************************************* = spoilers.  You have to find out at the speaking out competition! Lol.

P.S Sorry this blog was very short I assure you that there will be better blogs. Soz.

Skillzone trip

March 3, 2016

Skillzone is sooooo cool!! There is a realistic village and you learn about hazards, stranger danger, cyber bullying and why it is important to always wear you seating while you are in the car. My favourite bit is the dark and when you turn the the corner there is a guy smoking, fake of course!!!, and also when you walk in the alley with the light on, loads of  people realised they had stepped in sick!!! ewwwwww!! I also liked the house where there was a fire and we got to see what the room looked like after it was on fire!!! Also there is this this place in the village called netzone and we got to go on this website called ‘thinkyouknow’ and  is was sooooo cool! There was also a police station and you got to see what a real prison looks like. All it was, was a bed and a toilet. The CCTV camera was facing the bed and the toilet so when you went to the loo it was on camera!!!


March 3, 2016

For the last 9 weeks we have been doing percussion. I really enjoy doing it and I think everyone else in my class likes it as well. Mrs Bonser is even joining in and also filming us doing our Samba music. Mr Griffiths, our percussion teacher, has taught us a lot over the weeks. Next week we have our percussion concert.


March 3, 2016

I really like percussion, it gets everybody going.We have been doing it for nine weeks now so everybody’s quite good at it.Our teacher, Mr Griffiths, is really funny and  so enthusiastic.Mrs Bonser is even joining in and filming us doing our Samba routine.We still have to remember quite a lot because next week we have our concert,which is really exciting for all of us.

Lily R

I really love guided reading. We have been reading The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. I really love the book, it is amazing. I really recommend it to others, it is fabulous, it is really worth reading [best book ever] 🙂 🙂 🙂



Tidy Ted

February 11, 2016

On Friday we won Tidy Ted . Tidy Ted is a soft toy who you win if your class is the tidiest .  Lucky for us we won him and…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I LOVE HIM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  BY ISY                   

The Highwayman diary

February 11, 2016

Here are a couple of paragraphs I wrote from Bess’s point of view based on the Highwayman :

Dear diary,

Last night the wind was tossing and turning.It was the worst day of my life and this is how it started.

My true love came to see me and he said, “one kiss my bonny sweetheart, I’m after a prize tonight.”

With that he turned and went.

By Lily R

Grandpa’s great escape.

February 11, 2016

I read an amazing book over the Christmas holidays called, Grandpa’s great escape. It is probably one of the best books you will ever read. The book is about a boy called Jack and his Grandpa going on these amazing adventures and getting into all sorts of trouble. This brilliant book is by David Walliams , he writes a lot of other cool books such as, Mr Stink and Gangster Granny. There is no doubt that if you read this book you will love it. I really like Grandpa’s great escape and I hope you will to.